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Mgr. Petr Horáček, LLM

I graduated from the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague (Master’s degree, 2001), and from Nottingham Trent University (LLM, 2012).

Since 2001, my experience as a lawyer has evolved around modern technologies (I also presided a wiretapping working group of the Czech Ministry of the Interior and the Association of Public Telecommunication Network Operators); CFO and investor at Infinity, CEO at Multima, both IT companies,

Mentor of startups at Czechinvest, data protection officer (DPO) in compliance with GDPR


Attorney-in-law (commercial law, criminal law, public procurement, intellectual property and technology, corporate law – mergers, acquisitions, transnational structures, MBO…)

I speak English, German and some Russian

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Safe Space for your Decisions:

Startup businesses:

You want your investors to focus on evaluating your idea. You are capable of implementing your project but you may not know how to best structure your firm or how to provide for your intellectual property and the relations between co-founders.

I will guide you through the process of incorporation, write up the contracts between partners, define your relations with employees or contractors, take care of your intellectual property. We will recommend a suitable financial model for future changes to your equity. We will advise you on all that and we will make sure to facilitate your growth

You need to describe your idea to protect it, make sure you are original, have contracts in order with suppliers and staff , have clear contracts that you can explain to customers.

I guide and mentor startups during their initiial phases, throgh seeding, up to exit. I represent investors who got less than expected returns. I sue CEO's who failed to deliver what they promised.


What can I do for you

Disputes, Litigations, Settlements, Criminal Proceedings: 

When things go wrong or if someone tries to cheat you, I will support you in court. I represent investors who underperformed. I sue CEOs who didn't deliver what they promised. 

Life is unpredictable: if your business is part of a divorce or family dispute, I will fight for you with my financial expertise.

Incorporation & Corporate Structure

As a startup, it's important to focus on developing and implementing your business idea. However, you may not have the expertise to properly structure your company, protect your intellectual property, or manage relations with co-founders and employees. That's where I come in. I can help guide you through the incorporation process, draft contracts, protect your intellectual property, and recommend a suitable financial model. I also offer mentorship and representation for startups and investors, and can assist with legal action if necessary. Let me help you succeed and facilitate your business growth.

Finance & Trust

Businessplan, investment P&L, subsidies and funding

We will recommend a suitable financial model for future changes to your equity. We will advise you on all that and we will make sure to facilitate your growth


I’m trustee of two family wealth SPVs


Exit? Restructuring? Investor? Management Buy-Out?

When it comes to Due Diligence, we don't wait for a list of supporting documents. We find problems together proactively and solve them. If we don't find a problem, there is no problem.

Are the shareholders willing to sell the prosperous company that you manage? We will advise you on how to arrange for senior / mezzanine financing. We will structure fair shareholders relations.


Why? In order to protect your idea, differentiate yourself from competitors and those you might be mistaken for; in order to register domain names. A trademark has its price and may be the most valuable part of a firm’s reputation.

Your brand or the logo under which your services are provided represent a value in and on itself, and that value can be preserved by registering a trade mark. It's an asset that can be sold, among other things.


Why register?

  • You may want to avoid any confusion of services on the Czech market, especially when planning to expand abroad.

  • You may want to prevent your brand or logo from being registered or used for the same services by someone else.

  • The cost of registration is negligible, compared to the risk that another entity registers the trade mark, whether for business or speculatively, or that another entity uses the designation in their business.

License Contracts:

  • to instruments (software development kits, open-source software used for your own product)

  • to products (territory, transferability, modifications, non-commercial use)

  •   from and to authors (partners, employees, contractors)


Intellectual Property:

Ad agencies: negotiation with authors and their representatives

ESPORT: specific space

metaverse: get ready

Artists, Creatives: mentoring and representation


Na Zbořenci 276/14, 120 00 Praha 2

+420 602 742 675


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